As the Founder and Director of YYZ Talks, I wanted to take a minute to pay myself on the back, and by proxy pat my team on the back. I’m proud of what we’re shaping up to be as a practice.

There are currently 7 of us; 5 are Registered Psychotherapists, and 2 are Registered Social Workers. We use the knowledge we’ve gained about what to do, and what not to do from other places we’ve worked at. Our practice is structured to optimize our ability to work and grow. Each therapist manages their own schedule, free from administrative red tape. Each therapist attends individual supervision and monthly group supervision to consistently learn, grow, and share ideas.  Each of us is motivated to help the other become the best therapist they can be.

We take pride in our work, and at the same time are regularly humbled by the growth we get to see in our clients. We feel really lucky and honoured to get to do this for a living.

Here’s what we do differently / what we value

First Contact

From the first contact you make with us, we’re dedicated to making sure you find the right fit. Sometimes it ends up not being with us and that’s ok. Having you find the right fit is the most important thing, it’s the Sine Qua Non (Yes, I’ve been looking for a reason to use this line). I think that’s the correct Latin phrase, essentially meaning Without X, there is no Y. Without the right fit, there is no therapy. We get a sizable number of people who have had therapy before and it didn’t go well. We’re here to try to ensure you have a better experience. On the flipside, if you haven’t had therapy before, we’re happy to ease you in. We start with a brief intake with either myself, or Laura, and we then match you with up to 2 therapists for a free 15-min consult. These consults are a great opportunity to get

Expertise and Techniques

Each of us hold Masters level training + lots of clinical hours and mentorship, meaning we all have a solid foundation to build off.  From this, we all constantly pursue ongoing training, certifications, and additional supervision to have specialties. For example, Laura has completed a course in Emotional Regulation, and is working on a certification to become an Advanced Grief Counselling Specialist, and another in Anxiety Techniques. Zell has trained in Psychoanalysis, CBT, DBT, and holds an ADHD-CCSP(Certified Clinical Services Provider) designation and is finalizing his Clinical Complex Trauma Professional designation. 

Right from the get go, we’re going to make sure your therapist has the right skills and fit to be able to help you. It’s such a terrible feeling for us if we feel powerless, so we’re quite motivated to ensure this fit.

Personalized Treatment

One reason that our team is so motivated to keep learning is that it makes the word so much more rewarding. Having a wider range of knowledge and skills ensures we can create tailored strategies and accurately conceptualize what you’re going through. This way you’re not getting template based care, but rather a treatment that takes the unique experience you have of being you into consideration

Access and Affordability

Being a virtual practice, we’ve done away with things like being stuck on the TTC, office space overhead, and this has allowed us to offer much more flexible appointment times with hopefully fewer stressors.

Using secure healthcare video platforms, we deliver confidential care from the comfort of our homes to yours.

We understand that virtual care is not for everyone, and that’s something we’re happy to discuss with you. We often use the initial consult to give you a chance to explore what it feels like.  

We’re happy to be launching our Affordable Psychotherapy “division” in April 2024. We’ll be offering $80/session Psychotherapy with an early career therapist with No Waitlist, AND free initial 15-min consults to ensure you find the right fit. Our dream is to help over 100 clients by the end of the year through this program, so feel free to spread the word and do your part to help us make a difference.

Competitive Standard Rates

We have a range based on the experience of our therapists between $210-130/session. We tend to be a bit lower than the competition as we don’t have a heavy ad-spend, and no office space overhead. Most of our growth comes from word of mouth referrals, and this allows us to pass on the savings to ensure more people can afford more care.

If you have any questions or would like to set up a consult, just fill out the Contact Form and we’ll get in touch.