Our Origin Story and Values

First and foremost, this practice was born out of a shared passion for Psychotherapy and creating something different. Mental Health in Toronto is unfortunately and inevitably under-served in one way or another. We know we can't change the whole game, but we want to try to do our part. 

Our team consists of Registered Psychotherapists who have unique areas of focus. We continue to develop and grow, and introduce each other to new ideas regularly. Our goal is to always make sure we're the therapists we wanted to be. 

While our approaches to therapy vary, our work with you starts with a position of non-judgmental inclusivity. The world can offer enough judgment sometimes. We're aiming to provide an emotionally safe space for you to explore, grow, learn, and heal. 

We approach each case with integrity and humility. The fit between you and your therapist is vital, and it works both ways. If you feel that your therapist isn't a good fit, talk to our Clinical Director, Zell Dharsee and we will do our best to help you find a better fit. You won't hurt our feelings.