Our Psychotherapist

Anny Yudina


Anna Yudina

We all experience difficulties in our lives, and we all need help sometimes. Therapy is the chance to bring about the changes we want to see and grow into better versions of ourselves. Anny’s role is to create a safe environment and empower the client to facilitate those changes. She works collaboratively with her clients to establish how they envision a better life and, together, she and her clients find ways to understand and face life’s challenges in a new way. Anny prefers to refrain from overthinking the past and instead reframe its perception and move forward by focusing on solutions. Her preferred therapeutic approaches include cognitive behavioural therapy, solution-focused therapy, and motivational interviewing. Anny completed her bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and her Master of Counselling with Specialization in Counselling Psychology program. Different aspects of identities play an important role in how we experience life, and Anny has worked with youth and adults from various cultural backgrounds.