Our Psychotherapist

Zell Dharsee

MA, RP, Clinical Director, Psychoanalyst(c)

Zell Dharsee MA, RP, Clinical Director, Psychoanalyst(c)

Having worked in many different fields of Psychotherapy, I’ve developed an appreciation for holistic approaches to well-being. It’s not easy to break free from the patterns and anxieties that have held you back. My goal is to help you get unstuck by gaining new insights, developing new coping skills, and to ultimately build resilience.

I have trained in both CBT and Psychoanalysis, and have extensively studied Existential Psychotherapy as well. I supervise numerous Psychotherapists, and am part of the Faculty at the TICP. I work with clients dealing with a number of issues included, but not limited to: Anger Management, Anxiety, Depression, Stress-Management, Trauma/PTSD, Self-Esteem, Chronic Pain, Relationship Issues, Narcissism, Interpersonal Conflict, and Phobias. My current areas of interest are uncertainty and traumatic narcissism.

I approach psychotherapy from an integrative angle, applying multiple approaches to meet the needs of my clients. My sessions are often on the less structured side, making room to explore your thoughts and feelings as they unfold.